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When you purchase an Aged Shelf Company from us, you are purchasing a Corporate Entity that has been incorporated in the past, and that is current with all Annual Report Fillings with CIPC.  This is what we guarantee to you when you make your purchase and, for this reason, All Shelf Company Sales are considered Final and Non-Refundable. The only situations when you would be eligible for a replacement would be if:

  1. Shelf Company has existing Liabilities not disclosed to you:
    In this case, you agree to provide us with proof of such liabilities and allow us up to 14 Calendar Days to resolve any issues and clear such liabilities. If after 14 Calendar Days the liabilities are not cleared, you may request to exchange the shelf company for another one that meets your Criteria.

2. Shelf Company date is different and significantly younger than the Incorporation Date disclosed to you:
In this case, you may request to exchange the shelf company for another one that meets your Criteria.

If you are not satisfied with any Optional Feature you purchased, you may request that the problem be corrected by providing us with written notice of the problem no later than 7 Calendar Days from the purchase date, and you shall allow us a maximum of 14 Calendar Days to correct the problem and provide you with a corrected deliverable.


Shelf Companies with Websites, Logos, and Slogans are sold as is.  No complete redesigns or changes will be honored free of charge and are not eligible for any partial or complete refunds.  If a full logo or redesign of your website is desired, we would be happy to refer you to one of our preferred designers, please feel free to inquire, if this is something that you would like to pursue. Shelf Companies For Sale PTY LTD will not be held liable or responsible for any disputes that come as a result of any referral transaction that may come as a result of this.

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